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Our Return is Near!

It has been a long time coming, but the QModeling shop is retuning! If all goes well, we are targeting our return for the 2013 holiday season, so please keep watch and save some cash for some great deals.

What Happened?

The flooding of Middelburg, NY in 2011 severely damaged the shop where QModeling is housed. All of the members of QModeling have "Day Jobs" and Tom's is a printing business which was severely affected because of the shop damage. The shop and much within it  was essentially a total loss, and Tom is currently working hard to rebuild on a more secure portion of his property.

This is not a fast process and we currently estimate that things will not be back to some form of "Normal" until after 3Q 2013. So we are shutting down QModeling until this is complete. Please join our mailing list (Newsletter form on the above left) and we will keep you informed as the return date approaches.

Thank You!

QModeling 2011

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